ELL Program at Parkview High School

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    The ELL Program of Parkview High School fosters inclusive classrooms that are responsive to the linguistic and cultural needs of English Learners and their families. The department provides English Learners with support and instruction in the English language, academic core classes and American culture,  in order to ensure success in the mainstream classroom, school, and the community.

    In addition to helping the student develop proficiency in English, the department provides sheltered content courses in all core areas. The following classes for ELL students are typically offered each year but may vary from year to year based on student needs:

    • 9th Grade Sheltered Language Arts
    • Algebra I Sheltered
    • Environmental Science Sheltered
    • Biology Sheltered
    • ESOL I
    • LDC I 
    • Academic Language of Math
    • Academic Language of Science
    • Academic Language of Social Studies
    • ESOL II
    • LDC II
    • World History Sheltered
    • Geometry Clustered
    • US History Sheltered
    • 11th Grade Sheltered Language Arts
    • LDC IV