Grayson Tech


    Applications open January 12! Grayson Tech courses at offered at Grayson High School. For more information to apply, visit Grayson Tech's website!

    Review the detailed program descriptions and register now!

    Programs Offered at Grayson Tech: 

    •  logo with a camera

      Commercial Photography

      Are you a creative thinker with a passion for photography?

    •  logo with an apple

      Culinary Arts

      If you want a rewarding career in a high-energy profession that challenges you daily, feeds your passion for food, and allows you to explore your creative side, the Culinary Arts program is for you!

    •  logo with a lock


      The need for Cybersecurity specialists is at a critical level.

    •  logo with a lightbulb


      Do you dream of changing the world with the next best product or service? Do you want to climb the corporate ladder to the top? Learn how to develop your leadership and business management skills through the entrepreneurship program.

    •  logo with a barbell

      Exercise Physiology

      One of the fastest growing fields in healthcare!

    •  logo with a computer mouse

      Graphic Design

      Graphic Design is for the creative student with a keen interest in the principles of visual art and design and a love for computer technology.

    •  logo with a wrench and screwdriver

      IT & Network Systems

      The Information Technology program is ideal for students with a genuine passion for computers.

    •  logo with a gavel

      Law & Justice

      If you are an inquisitive student interested in understanding the causes, prevention and prosecution of crime, the Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement program is the perfect opportunity to explore this important field.

    • Music Technology

      Music Technology

      If you are a creative student that enjoys performing musically and wants to gain additional skills using professional music software and technology, you will find the Music Technology program to be highly rewarding as you sharpen your craft.

    •  logo with a heart

      Sports Medicine

      Are you interested in a career as a Physician, Certified Athletic Trainer, Physical Therapist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Sports Nutritionist, or Sports Psychologist? These are just a few of the professions under the Sports Medicine umbrella!

    •  logo with a clapperboard

      TV & Video Production

      The Video Production and Television Broadcast program will give you the chance to bring your ideas to life and tell exciting stories through the lens of a camera.

    •  logo with a paw print

      Veterinary Science

      For students with a sincere love for the care and medical treatment of animals, the Veterinary Technology program will allow you to explore turning your passion for animals into a lifelong career.


    Grayson Tech Open House - February 11, 2021

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