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    3DE’s multifaceted approach to learning uses case methodology to integrate real-world connectivity into the standard high school experience. This universally effective approach to learning is the anchor for interdisciplinary pedagogy, relevant connectivity, and authentic project-based application that is delivered in every 3DE school. The result is a high school experience that reflects the dynamic pace of activity and interconnectedness of life beyond the classroom walls.

    3DE’s dedicated teachers set high expectations and foster a strong sense of community among their students. Year-over-year, the curriculum layers in defined competencies to continually build students’ skills and mindset as they advance from facilitated learning to self-directed. By the end of their four-year high school career, students graduate with the knowledge, skills and confidence to thrive in post-secondary and beyond.


    Learning where rigor meets the real-world:

    • Students participate in authentic project-based application that is integrated across all core classes
    • Students consistently engage with a variety of industries, professionals, and careers
    • Students develop valuable competencies to navigate a high-growth careers
    • Students identify career interests that fit their aptitude, interests, and aspirations 
    • Students gather information and support to navigate the post-secondary admissions & financial aid process
    • Students gain exclusive access to 3DE designated scholarships

    Learn more about 3DE. To get involved, contact Dr. Mangano. To join 3DE, fill out the form below!

3DE - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is 3DE?

    3DE, located at Parkview High, is a full immersion “school within a school” that is designed to provide students with core academic courses, including Advanced Placement, delivered by dedicated 3DE teachers to ensure an engaging and interdisciplinary learning environment. 3DE strategically blends the core competencies of school districts, Junior Achievement, and the broader business community to initiate transformation from the inside out. Students will engage in a continuum of learning experiences structured around relevant case challenges, culminating events to corporations and colleges, and more! The result is a model that effectively utilizes our networks, resources, and expertise structured around real-world problems.

  • Who are 3DE Students?

    The 3DE student is any student who enjoys gaining real-world experience through visits to community businesses, mentor-coaching opportunities, networking with community leaders and tackling real-world situations through case challenges. A 3DE student does NOT have to be interested in working for or owning a business as a future career. 3DE is a benefit for any student – business interest or no business interest – as it provides students with competencies and transferable skills that will help them in any future career and in every dimension of life.

  • What are the "Core Competencies" of the 3DE program?

    3DE Core Competencies

  • How will 3DE help my student with their post-secondary goals?

    A 3DE experience sets students apart with their exposure and experiences with our industry partners. They will have a unique story to tell about building core competencies while engaging in real-world problems solving. But, more importunity, their experience with collaborating in teams and learning through case methodology will set them up for success in higher-learning opportunities beyond high school.

    The residual impact of 3DE goes well beyond the four-year high school experience. By unlocking the potential within every student, 3DE schools set today’s generation on a path to greater economic opportunity. At 3DE, students graduate with the knowledge, skills, and passion to thrive in post-secondary opportunities and high growth careers.

  • What courses are involved in 3DE?

    Students will take courses that will prepare them for college, with the option of taking Advanced Placement courses within the scope of their four years. Within each academic year students will be taking 6 classes in a semester including core classes, Career and Technical Education classes and 1-2 electives (world language, band, art, etc.).

  • Will students be able to participate in extracurricular activities at Parkview?

    Yes. We realize that part of the unique experience of high school is the many opportunities to be involved in and explore a variety of sports and clubs. As part of the 3DE, students will be able to participate in any club, activity or sport offered at Parkview High School.

3DE Program Registration

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