What is Data Privacy?

  • Data Privacy – What is it? Why Does it Matter? Why Should I Care?   

    Data Privacy is focused on the use and governance of personal data such as ensuring that personal information is being collected, shared and used in appropriate ways.Data Privacy

    Data Privacy is an important topic because most people are connected to the Internet and use it for everything – searching, purchasing, social interactions, etc. However, not too many people realize the great deal of personal information that is being collected and shared when they use the internet. The data can be stored forever and personal information can be used for both beneficial and unwelcome ways.

    In the United States, consumer protection laws are weak or non-existent. This means that many companies and organizations have the ability to monitor their users’ personal behavior and sell the data. This means that it is very important that consumers understand the value of their personal data.


    Data Privacy – What is the difference between privacy and security?   

    The difference between privacy and security can be best described as a window. You can put a lock and bars on a window to keep someone from getting in and this still allows you to look out of the window and others to look in. This is security. Others can’t get the stuff in your house but they can easily know what is there because you put it in view of the window.

    Preventing others from looking into the window by putting a curtain or a one-way filter on your window is privacy. This also provides some level of security because others are not able to tell what is in your house.

    Security is about maintaining information’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

    Privacy is about how data is collected, stored, transmitted, and destroyed.