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    The Office of Counseling, College and Career Services supports the advisement teams in each middle and high school to provide students with caring and knowledgeable adults to challenge, encourage, and support them in making wise choices throughout their school career and in planning for the future. The Office of Advisement and Counseling also coordinates the critical work of counselors in each school as they remove barriers to academic achievement and develop within students the ability to self-advocate and problem solve. This work entails school-wide and grade-level programming, as well as individual, small group and classroom counseling sessions. Our office also oversees the Emergency Response Teams, comprised of school counselors, social workers, and psychologists, trained to offer support to the local school during times of crises. Students need academic guidance, individual, and group support to navigate a successful transition to their post-secondary career and school options.


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  • Dr. Demetria Williams, Director
    Dr. Demetria Williams