Tip Sheets for Families



    Father and daughter playing guitar Mother and son reading at bedtime
    Mother and daughter talking Father and son playing chess


    Watch the ordinary become extraordinary... every day!

    Children need their parents to take at least a moment each day to make them feel special and loved, 
    to be there for them.

    It doesn't take time or money. It's as easy as making eye contact, smiling, asking questions, and including your children in the daily routines of life.

    Teachable moments are everywhere. Be your child's favorite teacher. Connect in meaningful ways and your simple actions will reap immense rewards at home, play, and school.

    Together we will support our students' growth and development-- Gwinnett County Public Schools and YOU!

    Gwinnett County Public Schools encourages educators, parents, grandparents, and community members to support our students at every grade level through these parent tip sheets on how to take an active role in your student’s academic activities.