• Gwinnett County Public Schools Educational Equity Procedure Public Review Fall 2020

  •      The Gwinnett County Board of Education is committed to educating all students and to providing the resources needed to support high-quality teaching and learning for all. The district is focused on increasing student achievement, as well as improving access and increasing opportunities, through the implementation of equitable and inclusive educational and workplace policies and practices.

         In Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS), we define educational equity as providing access to ensure that all students have the knowledge and skills to succeed as contributing members of a global society, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, English proficiency, faith, socioeconomic status, or disability. 

         GCPS is addressing barriers and building its capacity to deliver innovative, effective, and culturally relevant services by focusing on six key areas:

    1. Educational Opportunities and Expectations
    2. Teaching and Learning
    3. Student Support
    4. Community Engagement and Partnerships
    5. Facilities and Assets
    6. Human Capital, Leadership, and Staff

         Equity Teams have been working in these six areas, specifically looking at ways to prioritize educational equity in both new and existing procedures. These teams of teachers and leaders have spent more than two months reviewing district procedures, looking for alignment with the school system’s equity policy and making suggestions for improvement as needed.

         However, this work, by its very nature, cannot be done in isolation. We need the help and input of our community. Below you will find the six focus areas. Within each area, Equity Teams identified up to four key procedures that we would like for you to review and provide your input, telling us how well the procedure aligns to our equity policy and if you feel it supports work in that area. Likewise, we want to hear if you have a concern regarding possible inequities within the procedure. We encourage you to review all of the procedures. However, we also realize that you may only be interested in one or two areas or may not have time to review all six areas. With that in mind, please feel free to provide feedback on any or all of the areas.  

         Select the first area that you would like to review and provide feedback on proposed procedures.

         This public review will be available until January 11, 2021. We appreciate your participation.