Alternative Opportunities for Earning Credit—Credit Recovery and School Plus

  • I. Credit Recovery

    High schools may offer a Credit Recovery Program according to the following guidelines:

    • A credit recovery course should include a minimum of 12 hours of additional instruction beyond the initial course
    • Credit recovery course numbers should be used for these courses.
    • To qualify for enrollment in a credit recovery class, a student must have previously taken the standard, traditional course and should have earned a final grade within the range of 60-69%.
    • Teachers should use previous performance data and pre-assessment data to guide instruction. (Exceptions to the grade range qualification must have Assistant Superintendent's approval.)
    • Teachers must be certified in the content area in which they provide direct instruction. On-line instruction may be facilitated by a certified teacher with a content area teacher available for support, as need.
      For successful completion of a credit recovery class, students must earn a score of 70 percent or higher on a cumulative exam (End of Course Assessment, district assessment and /or locally developed assessment).
      *The End of Course Assessment must be administered in all EOC courses as designated by the Georgia Department of Education.
    • Students who score 70% or above on the End of Course Assessment, district assessment and/or locally developed assessment will have an additional grade issued for the course on his or her transcript. No grade will be issued for students who score lower than 70%. The teacher should use the cumulative exam grade as the final grade in the credit recovery class.

    NOTE: The NCAA does not recognize this credit recovery program for eligibility purposes.

    II. School Plus

    1. School Plus is a program where students can earn credit through traditional classes that are taught over a full semester, as an extension of the student's schedule.
    2. All GCPS procedures for grading apply.
    3. Courses taught in the School Plus program should use the regular course number for the course being taught.
    4. Credits earned through courses taught in the School Plus program are accepted by the NCAA.

    III. Earned Credits

    • Students may earn no more than 2 total units of credit in any school year through Credit Recovery, School Plus, or any other programs offered through by/Gwinnett County Public Schools during the regular school year (excluding summer school). Exceptions must have Assistant Superintendent's approval.