Adding and Revising Academic Knowledge and Skills Curriculum and Courses

  • The Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) curriculum will be reviewed annually. The Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Instructional Support and staff will oversee the review process. Input from teachers, administrators, parents, and community members will be solicited as a part of the regular review process. All input will be presented to the Gwinnett Educational Management System (GEMS) Oversight Committee, comprised of teachers, administrators, parents, community members, business leaders, and post-secondary educators representative of the district population and geographic diversity. Recommendations from the GEMS Oversight Committee annually will be presented to the Superintendent for his review and approval, and subsequent presentation to the Board of Education. AKS revisions, deletions, and additions must complete this review and validation process prior to classroom implementation.

    All courses/subjects offered in the district must have accompanying AKS and/or nationally-validated content standards (e.g., Advanced Placement course curriculum).

    New courses not previously offered in the district and/or new courses with no adopted AKS and/or existing courses with significant changes to the AKS may be proposed if they meet the following criteria:

    1. Based on an identified need not present in the existing curriculum.

    2. Consistent with the strategic goals of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Board of Education.

    Local school requestors will follow a course proposal process outlined in attached documents. The process will assure school and district-level collaboration and that the proposed course is appropriate, timely, and can be adequately resourced and staffed. Courses proposed by district curriculum leadership will follow the general process beginning at step 3. A district-level committee including appropriate senior leadership will make final decisions on new course offerings. If the course is approved, the Office of Instructional Resources and Support will follow the process for core instructional resources selection as outlined in P.IFAA.

    Proposal of New COURSES- Overview of Process.pdf        GCPS Course Proposal Form.docx