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Teach Science


    The GCPS science program is integral to our mission of providing a world-class education. Our vision for the science program is to help students develop a passion for science and empower them with scientific reasoning skills. This program enables students to research, experiment, think critically, and communicate their scientific reasoning effectively.

    Science Program Overview:

    • Access to well-stocked laboratories and sophisticated equipment
    • Cutting-edge course additions to curriculum, including robotics and biotechnology at all levels
    • Proud participation in national and international competitions such as Science Olympiad and the International Science and Engineering Fair
    • Access to the latest technology, including electronic white boards
    • Online database with lesson plans, assessments, presentations, templates and graphic organizers that enable quick, easy collaboration
    • Partnerships with local higher-learning institutions such as Georgia Tech to ensure work opportunities throughout the summer

    If you are passionate about instilling a love for science in every student and know how to model problem solving and critical thinking for the next generation of scientific leaders, apply today. At GCPS we will help you gain the career you have always wanted and help you make the impact you’ve always dreamed about.

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  • "It has been my experience that when learning isn’t genuinely engaging for students, they either ignore it or endure it. The single most inspiring difference in the teachers I admire is the engagement of their students— they love coming to school, never want to leave, and achieve beyond what they ever have as a result. Excellence means not only measurable learning of standards, but also connecting those AKS (Academic Knowledge and Skills) to students’ curiosity and to what is naturally fascinating about the world. It means learning the AKS and being excited that you did. It means experiencing the AKS instead of receiving them."