Teach Special Education

  • Teach Special Education

Teach Special Education

  • Our IEP system for Special Education students integrates cutting-edge technology with creative, flexible teaching methods to provide the support our teachers need. We rely on Special Education teachers to help us empower every student in our system — and we need you! Our vision for this award-winning program is to fuel the curiosity of every child, adapt to their specific learning needs, and help them develop life skills that foster independence.

    Special Education Program Overview:

    • Award-winning special education program—one of the most highly respected in the Southeast
    • Access to a strong support system
    • On-site assistive technology specialist with specialized technology for students with disabilities
    • In-house legal and policy director
    • Full range of related services provided, including occupational therapy, physical therapy, nursing and more
    • Mentoring program available, as well as instructional coaches and department coordinators who are experts in various exceptionalities
    • Targeted staff development programs

    IEP Areas of Specialization

    • Autism
    • Emotional behavior disorders (EBD)
    • Specific learning disabilities (SLD)
    • Intellectual disabilities (ID)
    • Orthopedically impaired (OI)
    • Other health impaired (OHI)
    • Visually impaired (VI)
    • Deaf/hard of hearing (D/HH)
    • Speech language impairments
    • Significantly developmentally delayed (SDD)
    • Speech Language Pathology (SLP)

    If you are passionate about sparking a love of learning using nontraditional methods and want to help exceptional children develop ways to contribute to our community, apply today. At GCPS we will help you gain the career you have always wanted and help you make the impact you’ve always dreamed about.

    Ready to join an award-winning school system?

  • "One of my greatest joys is to be one of the first people to tell a family their child is valuable and capable of learning."