• Facilities and Resources


         The following procedures were identified by the Equity Team as top priorities for the public to review. A complete listing of all procedures reviewed in this category appears in the sidebar.

  • CODE Procedures Identified for Public Review
    P.ECA Multi-Year Payment Purchases
    P.KG Use of Facilities
  • Complete Listing of Procedures Reviewed in This Area

    • Field Trips
    • Race and Ethnicity Reporting
    • School Nutrition
    • Purchasing
    • Portable Technology Use
    • Naming New Facilities
    • Responsible Use of Electronic Media for All Technology Users in Gwinnett County Public Schools
    • Student Transportation Management
    • Land Condemnation
    • Multi-Year Payment Purchases
    • Grant Protocol
    • Wellness Plan
    • Concession Rights
    • Standard Technology Equipment
    • Transportation Complaints
    • Use of Facilities