• Human Resources


         The following procedures were identified by the Equity Team as top priorities for the public to review. A complete listing of all procedures reviewed in this category appears in the sidebar.

  • CODE Procedures Identified for Public Review
    P.GAAA Equal Opportunity Employment
    P.GBC Employment and Recruitment
    P.GBM Personnel Transfers and Releases
    P.GBNC Nonrenewal of Teacher or Professional Employee

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  • Complete Listing of Procedures Reviewed in This Area

    • Equal Opportunity Employment
    • Employment and Recruitment
    • Displaced Staff
    • Personnel Transfers and Releases
    • Nonrenewal of Teacher or Professional Employee
    • Professional Learning Opportunities
    • Sexual Harassment/Discrimination
    • Staffing Procedures for Principals Opening New Schools
    • Professional Personnel Separation
    • Staff Complaints and Grievances
    • Classified/Non-Contracted Personnel Separation
    • Personnel Resource Allocation