• Student Support


        The following procedures were identified by the Equity Team as top priorities for the public to review. A complete listing of all procedures reviewed in this category appears in the sidebar.

  • CODE Procedures Identified for Public Review
    P.JAA Education of Students with Disabilities
    P.JCDA Consequences of Student Misconduct
    P.IHAA Alternative Opportunities for Earning Credit—Credit Recovery and School Plus

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  • Complete Listing of Procedures Reviewed in This Area

    • Gender Equity in Sports
    • Comprehensive Health and P.E. Program Plan
    • Education of Students with Disabilities
    • Competitive Interscholastic Activities, Grades 6-12
    • Student Contributions and Charges (Textbooks and Library Books)
    • Consequences of Student Misconduct
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Suspension Discipline Procedure
    • Student Complaints and Grievances
    • Suicide Prevention
    • Professional Learning Opportunities
    • Student Transfers and Withdrawals
    • Suspension of Disabled Students
    • Release Time for Religious Education
    • Primary (K-3)/Elementary Discipline & Intervention Strategies
    • Service Animals
    • Awarding Units of Credit and Acceptance of Transfer Credit and/or Grades
    • Carnegie Units in Middle School
    • Student Performances
    • Race and Ethnicity Reporting
    • Summer Activity and Athletic Camps
    • Use of Force
    • Data Access and Security
    • Facilities and Grounds Alterations
    • Alternative Opportunities for Earning Credit—Credit Recovery and School Plus
    • Use of Facilities
    • Fundraising
    • Student Health Services
    • Social Media
    • Student Records
    • Moment of Silent Reflection
    • Work-Based Learning
    • School Media Programs and Patron Privacy