• Work Permits


    Students now access the web to obtain a work permit form.

    Students that are 16 years of age or older no longer require a work permit.

    STEP 1: Log on to www.dol.state.ga.us

    Instructions for accessing the site and completing the permit are listed below.

    Click box at top of page which says “Laws & Rules.”

    Click Child Labor

    Click “Get a Youth Work Permit on line.”

    Select Minor

    Add your Social Security Number and Date of Birth, then click submit.

    Click “Start New Permit.”

    Enter personal information, verify accuracy, and click submit.

    Print a copy of the work permit data sheet you have just created and give to your employer.


    STEP 2: The employer will complete their portion (Section B) of the work permit.  They may complete their portion online

    (using your Minor security key) or write the information directly in the form.  


    STEP 3: Once your employer has completed their portion of the form,

    Submit your MCK# code to the Counseling office or in the Main office for final processing.  They will provide a copy for your employer to retain. 

    During the summer, there will be someone available in the Main office who will be able to complete permits for you.

    Voter Registration

    Students that are US citizens, 17 1/2 years of age & a legal resident can register to vote in the State of Georgia.

    Georgia Voter Registration