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    GCPS Retirement Educational Webinars


    • We are excited to announce our sixth year of Retirement Educational Sessions!  We are currently conducting 30-60 minute in-person seminars and monthly webinars for interested faculty and staff. 
      •  Retirement Planning - Introductory Session: GCPS Retirement Benefit Plans (TRS/PSERS, GRS, 403(b), 457(b), Roth, Social Security) Learn more about this session Retirement Benefit Plans
      • Retirement Planning – Mid-Career Session: GCPS Retirement Benefit Plan worksheets and retirement calculators
      • Retirement Planning – Advanced Session: near retirement
      • Social Security and Your Retirement
      • Investment Planning
      • Budgeting and Cash Management


    Take Action today!


    1. Choose from our menu of group sessions and then contact Felicia Winston at 770-709-8250 or felicia.winston@aig.com to schedule a meeting for the benefit of your faculty and staff.  Administrative Assistants click here to schedule.
    2. Join an educational webinar. Click here to register.



    Thank you for your support and assistance as we strive to prepare GCPS employees for financial wellness and a secure and comfortable retirement.