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    Phlebotomy Pathway Information

  • Phlebotomy courses will teach students the correct and safe ways to conduct venipuncture in order to obtain blood samples, perform basic lab practices, and handling of sharps and biohazardous materials. Phlebotomists are utilized in physician's offices, blood banks, hospitals, and other areas where individuals are in need of a blood draw or lab processing. As a Certified Phlebotomist (CPT) through NHA's credentialing agency, students have the opportunity to graduate with an industry recognized certification and open the door to several areas of healthcare. Students who participate in this course MUST be enrolled in their Senior year and have the ability to participate in required clinical experiences. These clinical rotations are a required part of certification. Students must have 25 "live venipunctures" in order to qualify for certification, which means they must be able to travel to designated clinical sites and complete the required waiver and documentation necessary.