Strategic Planning

  • A key to Gwinnett County Public Schools’ strategic planning process is the district’s focus on becoming a practicing quality organization. Our philosophy of continuous improvement provides a set of guiding concepts, principles, and practices that provide a means through which GCPS sustains its culture of performance. This focus helps to ensure that complacency does not become part of our daily work. It helps to keep the district on the path of becoming a practicing quality organization that:

    - Has unity of purpose;

    - Makes its quality practices visible and important;

    - Involves stakeholders;

    - Makes better use of the organization’s resources through quality practices;

    - Emphasizes results by developing and improving its people, processes, products, and services;

    - Becomes a learning organization.

    The framework below provides a snapshot of the district’s strategic planning process. This process keeps all areas of the district focused on its core business—teaching and learning—and it drives continuous improvement in all that the school system does. This framework links the district’s vision, mission, and beliefs to the goals, strategic direction, and initiatives and priorities. It also captures how evaluation and continuous improvement are key to ensuring the school system remains on target.

    GCPS' Strategic Planning Framework