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    Registration Frequently Asked Questions:

    As we receive questions about the 2021-2022 school year process we will answer questions here.  Information and decisions are very fluid at the moment as information changes. We will update this document as information becomes available.


    How do I register for courses at Collins Hill?

    Registration for the 2021-22 school year will begin the last week in January and continue into the first week of Febraury.  See the important dates linked on the Registration Central 2021-2022 page.

    How do I get more information about the RISE program? How can I apply?

    Information about the program and the link for the application can be found at: https://sites.google.com/gwinnett.k12.ga.us/chhs-cstem/home

    How do I find out about joining teams or clubs for the 2021-2022 school year?

    Later in the spring, we will push out a website and videos like we did for Registration...stay tuned! 

    What is the difference between Honors and Gifted classes?

    There is a presentation on the 9th grade page that covers this...please check it out.  Officially, only students who have been identified and served through the Gifted Program can be on Gifted class rosters.  A lot of our Honors/Gifted or Gifted/AP classes are combined.

    What if a student registers for a class that they do not like? Can students change electives?

    We register for the entire year so there is not a lot of room for movement.  Students can request changes in March, May, August and November but classes fill up so it is hard to make changes.  Students commit to their electives for a year but if a change can be made at the semester break, we do try to be as accommodating as possibe...it may not be possible with a student's schedule.

    Is World Geography a mandatory class?

    No.  World Geography is a 9th grade Social Studies elective class.

    How many classes/semesters of JROTC is required to meet the Health/Personal Fitness requirement?

    Students have to earn 6 semesters of credit or 3.0 Carnegie units in order to meet the Health/Personal Fitness graduation requirement.  It does not get added to student transcripts but it does satisfy the requirement.

    Do students have to take Foreign Language? If so, how many years? When should a student start taking it?

    The answer depends on the student's post-high school plans.  Some colleges require two years and some major research universities prefer three years of Foreign Language.  In terms of high school exit requirements, students have to have 3.0 units of elective credit from the Foreign Language/Fine Arts/CTE departments but those credits do not have to be Foreign Language for graduation.

    Can a student start Beginning Band in 9th grade if they didn't do it in middle school?

    It depends on if they have musical experience in elementary school.  Reach out to ryan.davenport@gcpsk12.org for more information.

     I applied to Maxwell but I have decided not to go, so how do I let them know?

    The application link is in the Student Portal, and there is also a way to to decline your acceptance in the Student Portal as well.  

    Will Rising 9th graders have a chance to visit the school at some point?

    We typically host a C The Hill event in July and depending on the COVID numbers and meeting restrictions that are in place we will make a decision closer to the start of school.  If we cannot host an event in person, there will be some digital option for students.

    Can I change my elective choices? What if I already submitted the form?

    As long as the form remains open, students can submit and submit again.  We will follow the latest submission for electives.  Once the form closes, students will be able to request a change between March 2-5, 2021.

    What if a student is not attending Collins Hill next year?  How do we register? What about GSMST and SOTA students?

    We want to create a full CHHS schedule in case students change their mind, so please complete the Elective Form even if you think that you will be attending a different school.  If you have moved, contact the other school to begin the Registration process with them.  We can share course requests, which may help students at their new school.

    Do I still need to fill out the Elective form if my teachers are registering me for my electives?

    Yes!  We are asking every student to fill out the Elective Form. 

    Is there a PE elective?

    Once students have taken Health and Personal Fitness they can take Sports Medicine, Weight Training, Team Sports or Rec Games as PE electives. 

    Does Collins Hill accept permissive transfers for the 2021-2022 school year?

    Yes, you can drop off your form to the Main Office and it will be reviewed but not guaranteed for approval.

    On the 10th-12th grade Elective form, what does "digital classes" mean?

    We are planning for a "normal" in person start to school for next year.  Some students may want to continue taking some of their classes through an online or digital setting and we are trying to see what the interest is for students who have been successful with digital learning.  We offer "hybrid" classes that try to maximize the benefit of in person and digital learning.

    How do I sign up to be an Office Aide?

    Select Business Communication on the Elective Form for 10th through 12th graders.  No application is needed.

    How should Dual Enrollment students handle the Registration process, since they haven't registered for classes with the college yet?

    All students should register for a full schedule with CHHS, no matter what their plans are. Sometimes classes fill up at the college so it is best for students to have 6 classes at CHHS, and then we will drop them once the student registers for their classes with the DE school.  It is harder to have an incomplete schedule with us and wait for the college schedule because classes fill up at CHHS as well.

    Where do I sign up for Maxwell or Grayson? Where is the link for that?

    The link is in the Student Portal. 

    How do I know which classes a student is registered for?

    Students will be able to see their Course Requests in the Student Portal as of 3/2/2021.  There will also be a School Messenger sent to parents and students about how to request a change at that point.