Purpose of Field Testing

  • For each grade level, the district has planned for a year of field testing prior to the full implementation of Gwinnett Writes. A field test administration is essentially the process of testing a test to make sure that newly created writing assessments measure what they were intended to measure, which contributes to the development of fair, high-quality assessments. Field testing also provides the time and space needed for the district to collaborate with schools on the implementation process, to develop the needed training and resources, and to respond to feedback on the writing assessments. Some of the specific goals for field testing include:

    • To provide time for teachers and students to learn about the assessment.
    • To allow time for collaboration and feedback with schools to improve assessments and associated resources.
    • To complete revisions and edit assessments prior to full implementation.
    • To develop resources to support teachers in preparing students.
    • To complete data analysis to determine if students interact with and respond to the assessments in expected ways.
    • To solicit feedback from teachers and students using perception surveys, focus groups, etc.