• Can a student who has graduated in May 2021 take a summer school course?


  • What classes can be taken for the first time during summer school?

    All courses can be taken for first-time credit if the student has taken and passed the prerequisite course(s).

  • Can rising 9th graders take summer school classes?

    Yes, but they may only take Health and/or Personal Fitness (PE).

  • Can a student graduate in July if he or she takes 2021 summer courses through BYU, Faith Academy, or other non-GCPS schools?

    No. Students must take all summer school classes with the GCPS High School Summer School Program and/or the Gwinnett Online Campus to participate in the GCPS graduation ceremony in July.

  • Can a senior, who will graduate first semester of 2021-22 school year, take a first-time course during summer school?


  • Can a student exempt an exam during the summer school program?

    No. All students must take final exams, no exemptions.