Course Offerings

    • All courses are single-semester classes — equal to a .5 unit of credit.
    • An empty box means the course is NOT being offered at that location, in that time period.
    • Courses may fill up quickly so early registration is encouraged.
    • Designated courses require a state-mandated End of Course (EOC) assessment, as noted.
    • Courses marked with a double asterisk (**) require that students must have successfully completed 1st semester prior to taking 2nd semester of this course.
    • Gwinnett County Public Schools will pay for up to two summer school classes for high school students needing to retake a class they previously failed. The district is offering this option to students at no cost to address COVID-related learning gaps and to provide students with an additional opportunity to earn credit for courses failed this year. For courses not previously taken/failed, each single-semester class costs $250.  Non-GCPS students pay $275 per course.

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