• Design of the Gwinnett Writes Assessment

     The purpose of the Gwinnett Writes assessment program is to assess writing skills for each student. An essential component of the program will be writing resources and classroom assessments that will be provided as options for teachers to use in Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies for tested grades. Students need consistent writing practice and feedback to develop as writers, and teachers need the resources to support writing instruction to prepare students for summative writing assessments.  

    Gwinnett Writes summative assessments will occur during the third quarter as a language arts assessment with a choice of writing topics from Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. The choice of topic will be made by the student within the online platform prior to beginning the assessment. All content teachers will receive information on writing topics in advance of the test administration. Image 1 provides an overview of this design. The dates of the assessment windows for the 6th and 10th grade field tests can be located here. Each school will select one day for administration within the window.  

    Writing Across the Curriculum. Formative practices and feedback in the content areas for quarters 1-3.  One summative district assessment at end of Quarter 3 administered in Language Arts.  Offers student choice from Language Arts, Science and Social Studies.