9 Hints for Helping With Homework

  • Education Tips For Families logo From practicing multiplication tables to doing online research to completing at-home projects, meaningful homework assignments reinforce learning, increase student achievement, and encourage your child to be-come an independent, self-directed learner. Here are a few hints for helping with homework.


    1. Location. Location. Location... Provide your child with a well-lit, distraction-free place to do homework. Avoid the distractions of TV, loud music, phone calls, or Instant Messenger.
    2. Tools of the trade... Keep study tools and project materials— such as paper, pens, pencils, sharpener, dictionary, and poster board— on hand.
    3. Time management... Help your child learn to use an assignment notebook, and to prioritize the evening’s homework, tackling the toughest work first. A planning calendar will help your child keep an eye on long-term assignments.
    4. Online tutoring... Encourage older students (grades 4–12) to use Live Homework Help, an online tutoring service found at www.gwinnettpl.org, sponsored by GCPS and the county library system.
    5. Dedicated homework and study time... Set aside daily homework/study time, keeping in mind regular after-school activities, and sports or music practices. Try to schedule homework time earlier in the afternoon or evening so your child has some free time before going to bed.
    6. Reading and review... Even if your child doesn’t have an assignment, planned homework time could be used for review or reading for pleasure.
    7. Building an independent learner... Remember, you’re the advisor, not the homework assistant. It’s OK to help your child work through a tricky math problem, but she should be able to complete most assignments independently.
    8. Communicate with your child’s teacher... Talk to your child’s teacher if the work regularly seems either too hard or too easy. If your child is struggling with homework, he may be struggling with classwork, too. A student who isn’t challenged by his homework may not be getting the intended benefits of academic reinforcement and extended learning.
    9. Stay connected... Some homework— reading aloud or studying for a spelling test— needs your direct involvement. Make time to show your interest, help where appropriate, and check homework when needed.