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Board Powers and Duties/Members Legal Status

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A-School District Organization
ABB July 12, 2001
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Board Powers and Duties/Members Legal Status

School Board
Powers and Duties

The Georgia Constitution places each school system under the management and control of a board of education.

The powers and duties of the Gwinnett County Board of Education include but are not limited to the following:
    1. Make rules and regulations Develop and establish policies to govern the school system.

    2. Has the power to purchase, construct, lease, repair, sell, or dispose of all school property is titled, cared for and in its custody. to which it holds title, cares for, maintains in it's custody.

    3. Receive any gift, grant, donation, or devise made for the use of the common schools and all conveyances of real estate.

    4. Approve a local budget each year and submit it to the State Board of Education.

    5. Levy the local educational millage rate as necessary for the operation of the school district.

    6. Approve contracts binding of the local school system.

    7. Hire, and assign all employees upon the recommendation of the Superintendent.

    8. Dismiss and suspend employees.

    9. Constitute a tribunal for hearing and determining any matter of local controversy in
      reference to the contradiction or administration of the school law, with power to summon witnesses and take testimony if necessary.

    10. Suspend and expel students in disciplinary matters.