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Board Goals and Objectives

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B-School Board Operations
BA October 21, 1980
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Board Goals and ObjectivesDecember 14, 2000

The Gwinnett County Board of Education, elected by the people, is primarily a policy-making body with the responsibility of seeing that the Superintendent administers the district within the framework developed by the legislature and the Board. The Board is dedicated to the following:
    1. Providing an educational program and instructional arrangements resources which will permit each child to develop to his full potential;

    2. Developing and providing the data appropriate for the management functions of planning, evaluating, organizing, controlling, and executing;

    3. Ensuring that staff, students, parents, and all local citizens are provided the opportunity to participate in the development and evaluation of programs and policies;

    4. Providing an effective teaching climate to ensure the opportunity for the best possible education.

    5. Providing a system level comprehensive school improvement plan that includes a component for staff development and of professional development for all staff. In addition, the Board shall require the appointment of a staff professional development coordinator/director and a staff professional development advisory committee.