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Duties of Board Officers

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B-School Board Operations
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Duties of Board OfficersJuly 12, 2001

Duties of Board officers shall include the following:


1. Serve as the initial spokesman and first in line of authority in all bBoard actions;

2. Consult with and advise the Superintendent in all matters of policy from the Board;

3. Insure that all members of the Board are equally informed regarding the pertinent issues of the District;

4. Preside at all meetings;

5. Expedite the action on agenda at all meetings of the Board;

6. Serve as the official representative of the Board unless another member is designated by the Board to do so;

7. Decide questions of order in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised;

8. Appoint all committees unless otherwise directed by the Board;

9. Have the right, as other members of the Board have, to Ddiscuss and to vote on all matters or questions before the board;

10. Call special meetings of the Board whenever conditions set out for special meetings have been met;

11. Have right to make motion, vote, second motion, fully participate in discussion.


1. Assist the Chairman; and

2. Perform the duties and obligations of the Chairman, in case of the absence or incapacity of the Chairman.


The Superintendent of the Gwinnett County School System shall serve as Secretary, Treasurer, and Chief Executive Officer of the Gwinnett County Board of Education with all the duties and responsibilities delegated by the Board.