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New Board Member Orientation

Level: AccompanyingDescriptor Code:Rescinds
B-School Board Operations
BBBB October 21, 1980
Descriptor Term:Effective Date:
New Board Member OrientationMarch 21, 2019

A new member, or any person who has been elected (appointed) but not yet installed on the Gwinnett County Board of Education, is to be afforded the Board's and the staff's fullest measures of courtesy and cooperation. The Board and staff shall make every feasible effort to assist the new member to become fully informed about the Board's functions, policies, procedures, and challenges.

  1. The In accordance with Georgia law, new members shall attend a New Board Member Orientation Session, sponsored by the Georgia School Boards Association and Georgia Department of Education, as soon as possible after his/her election within one year of taking office as a Board Member. Tuition and expenses shall be paid by the Board.

  2. In the interim, between appointment being elected and actually assuming office, the new member will be invited to attend all meetings and functions of the Board, and is to receive all reports and communications normally sent to Board members.

  3. A local district orientation An orientation session will be conducted for the primary purpose of orienting informing the new member to of his/her responsibilities; to the Board's policy-making function; to the school district's operational structure, processes, and procedures; and to the Board's stewardship of the district's financial resources.

  4. The new member is to be provided with copies of access to all appropriate publications and aids, including the Board's current policies in their entirety and any district documents that will enhance the member's understanding of the Board's governance role and responsibilities.

  5. The Board chairman and members of the administrative staff also will confer with the new member as necessary on special problems or concerns. to facilitate his/her orientation to the Board.