Cast & Crew Bios

  • Cai House (White Rabbit) & Charity Archer (Alice)

     Cai House as the White Rabbit and Charity Archer as Alice

    Cai House (White Rabbit) is happy to be working with Archer Theater again after having done theater with them for the last three years. Cai has previously done the show Thats Not How I Remember It and Highschool Musical. Cai is a Junior at Archer Highschool.

    Charity Archer (Alice): This is Charity’s seventh show at Archer. She really hopes that you enjoy this wonderful production.

    Ny'Asia Bell (White Rabbit) & Casey Moore (Alice)

    Ny'Asia Bell as the White Rabbit and Casey Moore as Alice

    Casey Moore (Alice): Casey Moore is so excited to be Alice in Alice in Wonderland. In other shows this year, Casey was the Assistant Stage Manager for the One-Act show John Lennon and Me and will be playing Dwarf 2/Animated Snowman in the virtual show Game of Tiaras, to be premiered later this year. Casey is super grateful for the opportunity to be part of this production. Casey would like to thank her Mom, Dad, Brother, and cat Leo for all the love and support! She hopes you enjoy the show

    Donnetra Freeman (White Rabbit) & Brooklyn Schnupp (Alice)

    Donnetra Freeman as the White Rabbit and Brooklyn Schnupp as Alice

    Donnetra Freeman (White Rabbit): This is Donnetra's third play other than Seussical and GOT. Donnetra is glad to do Alice in wonderland for the stage unexpectedly after numerous years being in the demonstrating/acting industry. She has recently done teching for Midsummer and Seussical. She is also apart of Game of Tiaras playing dwarf 1. 

    Brooklyn Schnupp (Alice): This is Brooklyn's 10th show at Archer. Some of her favorite roles include Vigit in Circus Olympus and Mia in Midsummer/Jersey. Her favorite show tech-wise was Seussical, where she was the set designer, technical director, lighting designer, and stage manager. She is so excited that the department has found a way to do an in-person show in the midst of the pandemic, and hope everyone loves this show as much as she does!

    Kayla Argo (Cheshire Cat)

    Kayla Argo as the Cheshire Cat

    Kayla Argo (Cheshire Cat) is a Junior thespian in the department. This is Kayla’s 7th show she has participated in at Archer High. She is excited to play the sly mischievous feline in this production. She is also especially excited, since this will be her first time acting in an in-person play at Archer since 2019.

    Cameryn Carr (Duchess) & Kate Hunter (Frog Footman)

    Cameryn Carr as the Duchess and Kate Hunter as the Frog Footman

    Cameryn Carr (Duchess): This is Cameryn's sixth show with the Archer Theatre Department and she is more than excited to be playing the role of The Duchess. After being involved in Theatre productions since sixth grade, this will be her eighth show in total and she cant wait for you to take a walk though Wonderland.

    Kate Hunter (Frog Footman): This is Kate's fourth show with Archer Theatre and she is so excited to make the departments new spin on Alice in Wonderland come to life through being the Frog. You may have seen her before as a techie for Midsummer, Whovian in Seussical, and Star in this years One Act show John Lennon and Me. 

     Taylor Carlyle (Caterpillar)

    Taylor Carlyle as the Caterpillar

    Taylor Carlyle (Caterpillar): This will be Taylor's seventh Archer High School Theatre Production! She is so excited to bring the "Caterpillar" to life in this fun and interactive "Alice in Wonderland" production! The cast and crew put so much effort into this show, so enjoy!

    Megan Cobley (March Hare) & TC Nanna (Mad Hatter)

    Megan Cobley as the March Hare and TC Nanna as the Mad Hatter

    Megan Cobley (March Hare) is a senior and has been a part of Archer theater since her freshman year and has been in many shows over the years. Even though this is one of her last performances at Archer she is excited to participate in theater next year at Oglethorpe University.

    TC Nanna (Mad Hatter) is a senior at Archer High School and a member of its Thespian Troupe Board. He has been active in several Archer Theatre productions in the last few years such as Robert Sudds in Midsummer Jersey, Jim and Waiter in That's Not How I Remember It, and Alan, Thespian, and Jock in High School Musical. Most recently, he was Jeff Levine in the One Act show: John Lennon & Me. He's very excited to blow your hats away as the Mad Hatter in A Walk Through Wonderland!!!

    Sabria Ellerby, Joshua Farmer, & Madison Mason (Card Guards)

    Sabria Ellerby, Joshua Farmer, and Madison Mason as Card Guards

    Sabria Ellerby (Card Guard): This is Sabria’s magical adventure to Wonderland! A classic hearts card and a first timer for her as she takes on the daring roll of a scaredy-cat servant for the Queen of Hearts. Despite the difficulties of the past year and the revisions greatly needed for safety. There will still be much work to be done and to ensure the future of Archer’s theatre department’s Alice in Wonderland.

    Joshua Farmer (Card Guard) is a junior at Archer High School and has been involved in the theater department since his freshman year. With another year rounding up, he hopes t ohave an amazing senior year and hopes to see you at the shows!

    Madison Mason (Card Guard) is a senior at Archer and has been a part of the theatre department since her sophomore year when she made her debut as a Brainiac in High School Musical. She has been involved in four other shows and is incredibly grateful for the friends and memories she’s made along the way. She hopes to keep them with her long after her time at Archer has ended.

    Aliya Burr & Blessin Peters (Queen of Hearts)

    Aliya Burr and Blessin Peters as the Queen of Hearts

    Aliya Burr (Queen of Hearts) is a junior at Archer High School and is the Queen of Hearts of this wonderful show. She was seen as the stage manager for John Lennon and Me, Jojo in Seussical the Musical, assistant stage manager for Thats Not How I Remember It, and many other shows! Overall, Aliya has been a part of more than 7 productions. She is super grateful to be part of this amazing cast and crew and she hopes that you enjoy the show!

    Blessin Peters (Queen of Hearts) is a Junior this year and it is her third consecutive year in Archer’s theatre program. She is excited to have her fifth debut in Archer's play “Alice in wonderland". Considering the unfortunate incidents 2020 has brought into the life of theater. Blessin has made it her mission to make the most out this year and is just as stocked for this play as any other one she has been in.

    Ryan Dockery (King of Hearts)

    Ryan Dockery as the King of Hearts

    Ryan Dockery (King of Hearts): Alice in Wonderland will be Ryan Dockerys 4th and final show at Archer High School (the other three being In The Forest Grimm, John Lennon And Me and Game of Tiaras) and 4th year in the Archer theater department. He may have gotten the shorter end of the throne and a less than ideal wife, but he will try his best to keep Alice out of harm and the Queen from exploding. 

    Molly Kalifeh (Tweedledee) & Lahna Wempner (Tweedledum)

    Molly Kalifeh as Tweedledee and Lahna Wempner as Tweedledum

    Molly Kalifeh (Tweedledee): This is Molly's first ever show she will be performing in person for people and for Archer Theater. She is a senior at Archer High School and will be playing, Tweedledee in Alice In Wonderland. She was in a musical at Archer last year, but did not get to perform because that was the start of Covid. She is proud to be involved in the theater community at Archer. 

    Lahna Wempner (Tweedledum): This will be Lahna's second show here at Archer. Lahna is a proud part of the Archer Theater Program, and wishes she could have participated more with the group of profound actors and actresses over the years. 

    Caleb Dean & Mikey Jones (The Jabberwocky)

    Caleb Dean and Mikey Jones as the Jabberwocky

    Caleb Dean (Jabberwocky) is happy to be involved in his first Archer High School production. Though it is his 9th show he has participated in, he has happily found a spot with the Archer Theater and is playing with his 2nd Archer role as the Jabberwocky. Past roles he has played include Lil Jake in Annie Get Your Gun, Tiny Tim in Christmas Carol, Storyteller in Once On This Island, and Prince Charming in Game of Tiaras

    Mikey Jones (Jabberwocky): This is Mikey's third show at archer, Mikey is hype to do future shows.

    Jori Wilson (Stage Manager)

    Jori Wilson

    Jori Wilson (Stage Manager) is proud to stage manage this intriguing Archer production. She's a third year theatre student. She has teched for several Archer shows and performed in a few as well.

    Caroline Dale (Music)

    Caroline Dale

    Caroline Dale (Music) is a Senior at Archer High School and has been in many shows from Wizard of Oz to Game of Tiaras. Caroline is a Singer/Songwriter who will be majoring in Music at Brigham Young University. She has written and performed songs for the Archer Theater Department many times and has written two songs for this show as well! Her newest song "Say Hello to the Islands for Me" is out on all streaming platforms right now.

    Armani Jackson (Run Crew): I am a bush that assists the Cheshire cat