Send an eCard or handwritten note

  • Now, more than ever, your thanks, encouragement, and celebration of GCPS staff members is a meaningful way to show how much our community values public education and appreciates those who have helped our students through this difficult time. Families have two ways to send employees a special note of appreciation as we approach the end of the school year.

Send an eCard to a GCPS staff member!

  • Visit, select one of five designs and complete the eCard submission form. Submitted eCards and messages will be delivered via employees’ work email addresses.

    Need help finding an email address?

    Most employee email addresses use this format—, although some staff members also have a middle initial.

    You can double-check a school-based employee’s address by going to the school website, and checking the staff directory.

    If you don’t know the employee’s first and last name or can’t find an email address, we have another great option for you to share your appreciation… a printable Thank You sheet that you can download!

Download printable Thank You Sheets!

  • Families can print sheets with the same colorful designs to share a handwritten note with their child’s teachers, driver, school nutrition team, and other staff members! Find the printable sheets here.

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