April 30, 2021
    8th Grade Day Payment Reminder

    On May 21 after our last Milestones test for the year, students are going to have a fun day afternoon. You have 2 options for your child. If you want your child to participate in the full celebration (Lunch, T-shirt, ice cream, etc) the cost is $20. The second option is an 8th-grade t-shirt only and that is $10.

    Parents will need to go to MPP to sign up and pay for the 8th Grade Day scheduled for May 21. The event is open to all students, and those who don’t want to be at the school can order just the shirt. The deadline is Sunday, May 2, to purchase a ticket.

    If you are willing and able, donations of water and soft drinks are welcome! You can send these with your child to school or deliver them to the front desk. We'd greatly appreciate anything you can bring.


    Thanks so much! Have a great day