May 3, 2021
    MobyMax: How students sign in to MobyMax


    We are excited to implement a new web-based curriculum called MobyMax in our classroom.  MobyMax is tailored to your child's individual needs.  Below are the steps on how your student will access MobyMax.
    Here are the steps for students to login to MobyMax

    Go to the MobyMax URL: www.mobymax.com/ga941
    Select As a Student
    Student Username: Student first name and last 4 digits of the student ID (Example: Albert8821)
    Student Password: Baycreek1

    Once logged in, your child will immediately start the lessons and begin improving his or her missing skills.

    You can sign in as a parent as well by selecting "As a Parent" and entering your child's username and password. You will be able to monitor your child's progress and even send messages to me.