Safe Secure Successful Schools
  • As part of Gwinnett County Public Schools’ focus on safety, our school uses a visitor management system. This system, which requires visitors to be “buzzed”  into the school, is intended to enhance the safety and security of both students and staff by establishing greater door control at the primary entrance to the school. With safety in mind, we want to remind you of how the visitor management system works. 

    1. During normal arrival and dismissal times, key entrances are open to allow students to enter and leave the school.
    2. Once the school day begins, our doors will be locked. Visitors will need to press the bell button on the visitor management system panel (pictured to the right) and an office staff member will assist them.
    3. Upon entering the school, visitors will follow our normal visitor procedure and sign in to receive a Visitor’s Badge.
    4. When visitors are ready to leave, they should exit the school building through the main entrance and officially check out.


    Please do your part to help keep our campus safe:

    • If someone else is entering or exiting as you approach, please do not enter the open door. We ask that you push the bell button so our office staff can assist you.
    • If an elementary or middle school student arrives late to school, the parent must accompany the child inside to sign in. Please do not drop off your child after the start of school and allow him or her to come to the locked entrance alone.

    Thank you for your support and for working with us to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

    This is an example of your tax dollars at work, helping to fund safety initiatives and supporting the proactive approach Gwinnett County Public Schools takes to ensure the safety of students, staff members, and campus visitors.

Woman standing in front of visitor management system panel
A person pressing the visitor management system doorbell with one finger