Instructional Resources Selection

  • The Instructional Resources & Support Office, in conjunction with each curriculum office, facilitates the selection of core instructional resources.  Core resources include textbooks and other print and digital resources provided in multiple copies for use by a total class or a major segment of a class for learning of the grade level or course Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS).  To learn more about the selection process, please review the information below.  You may also email or call 678-301-6828. 

  • Core Resource Selection Criteria

    The following general criteria are used in the selection and evaluation of core instructional resources:

    • Supports and is consistent with the system's mission, vision, and goals
    • Directly supports instruction of the Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) curriculum for a variety of learners
    • Promotes the integration of higher level thinking skills as appropriate for intended students
    • Meets high standards of quality in factual content and presentation
    • Appropriate for the subject area and for the age, emotional development, and social development of the students for whom the materials are selected
    • Has aesthetic, literary, or social value
    • Written/produced by competent and qualified authors and publishers
    • Avoids bias and adhere to standards of sensitivity relative to student race, sex, religion, culture, ethnicity, disability and socioeconomic status
    • Physical format, medium, and appearance of resources suitable for their intended use

  • Selection Process Priorities

    During the selection of potential instructional resources, the following priorities are in effect:

    • Inclusive of teachers across the district
    • Solicitation of input from parents and community throughout the county both before and during the pilot
    • Opportunity to use materials with students before final selection

  • Review, Pilot, and Adoption Process

    The selection of materials requires a multi-tiered review and evaluation process consisting of many or all of the following steps:

    • Request for vendor resources that meet general criteria, are aligned to the AKS, and meet specific criteria established for the specific course
    • Independent teacher review opportunity open to teachers within the content area
    • Teacher Review Committee (TRC) analyzes resources submitted by vendors
    • Instructional Resource Review Committee (IRRC) of teachers, community members, business partners, and parents further review the resources recommended by TRC
    • District-wide pilot, allowing the use of selected resources with students
    • Teacher feedback collected during and after the pilot
    • Public Review opportunity
    • Analysis of all data collected from the review, pilot, and Public Review
    • Recommendation for Board adoption
    • Delivery, training, and implementation of adopted materials to all schools