• With starting a new school year the Technology Team wanted to remind you of a few things as you take your devices home.

    Please keep the things below in mind going forward.

    Care of the Device

    The device is the property of Bay Creek Middle School (Gwinnett County Public School) and all users will follow these rules and the Acceptable Use Policy.  Students are responsible at all times for the care of the device to which they are assigned. 

    • Use a microfiber or clean soft cloth to clean your display and keyboard on a regular basis. Do not use paper towels or wet wipes.
    • If further cleaning is needed, use isopropyl alcohol wipes or a dry soft cloth only. Household cleaners or household wipes can cause damage to the device.
    • If you sneeze or cough on the device please wipe it off; see the sections above about cleaning.
    • Keep all foods and liquids away from the device. Eating or drinking over the device can cause damage if liquids or food get on the device, especially the keyboard.
    • Do not leave the Chromebook in an unsecured location as this could result in the loss or theft of the device. This includes leaving the device in a car. Extreme heat or cold can also harm the device.
    • Under no circumstances should devices be left in unsupervised areas including school grounds, athletic fields/areas, cafeterias, computer labs, classrooms, dressing rooms, and hallways. Unsupervised devices will be confiscated and disciplinary action may be taken.
    • Stickers may not be placed on the trackpad, keyboard, camera, or bottom cover and may not be covering the device etchings. Stickers containing profanity, guns, violence, or drugs will be reported to building administration and promptly removed.
    • Completely power off the device at least once a month. Hold down the power button until the screen goes black and stays off. Once restarted, install any available updates.
    • Students will not have the opportunity to charge their devices at school, devices are to come to school, each day, charged to 100%.
    • Too much pressure may crack the screen or cause internal damage. Avoid placing anything on top of the device or placing it in an overstuffed locker or book bag.
    • Keep all rubber, keys, serial numbers, and logos of the device intact. If removed this will be considered intentional damage.
    • Keep liquids out of your backpack when the Chromebook is in it. If the device is inside your backpack please treat your backpack with care to avoid damage to the device.
    • When walking with the Chromebook always keep the lid closed and use both hands to hold.
    • If the device is left on the floor, a chair, or sofa there could be significant damage from stepping or sitting on the device. Please keep the device off of these surfaces.
    • Drawing, writing, or etching on the device using pencil, marker, paint, nail polish, or any other implement will result in a fine for cleaning; etching will result in a fine for the replacement of the damaged part.
    • When carrying the Chromebook on top of your books please be careful the device does not slide off. Place any three-ring-binders on top of the device to avoid an uneven surface.
    • Gently close the lid of the device and ensure nothing, including pencils or other objects, are in between the keyboard and display.
    • All repairs must be completed by the BCMS Technology Department. Attempting to repair the device or taking it elsewhere could result in intentional damage fines.