Summer Math Ideas for 2nd Grade

  • In second grade, students extended their place understanding through the hundreds place and applied this understanding to add and subtract within 1000. They learned measurement skills including measuring length and telling time to the nearest 5 minutes. They deepened their understanding of plane and solid figures ,and started developing multiplication concept.


    1. How tall are you? - Measure the height of your family members in different units, such as inches, centimeters, and feet. Compare and explain the differ-ences in the measurements. Printable Rulers

    2. Measure the Distance - Measure the distance between places in your home using a yard stick or meter stick. Printable Rulers

    3. Closest to 100 - Using a deck of cards (Ace is 1, 10 is 0) or homemade digits 0-9, turn over 6 digits and select 4 digits to create a 2-digit plus 2-digit equation to try for a sum as close to 100 as possible. Video directionsPractice subtraction by trying to get closest to 0.

    4. Thinking Blocks on Math Playground - This interactive website helps students understand and solve word problems by using bar models. Second graders could begin with Thinking Blocks Junior and then advance to Thinking Blocks Addition. Link to Thinking Blocks tutorial

    5. Time for... - 2nd graders can practice telling time to the nearest 5 minutes by recording the time they do activities around the house. They can make the time on this interactive clock, or draw a clock face and draw in the hour and minute hands to show the time.

    6. - Click this link to find a variety of math games and activities to build number sense, fluency, and skills. There is also a summer math challenge offered and online interactive books.

    7. Math Literature Books - Visit your public library, or search YouTube, for some of these math literature books to introduce or review mathematical concepts. Link to K-5 Math Teaching Resources Math Read Aloud books

    8. Edible Arrays - Select a favorite snack (cereal, veggies, marshmallows, etc.) and determine if you have an even or odd number of objects using the pairing or equal groups strategy. Build arrays using the same snack item. Write a repeated addition equation to express thetotal number of objects. Even and Odd YouTube  Repeated Addition YouTube Video

    9. Open Middle Problems: Solve a variety of open-ended problems! - There are multiple ways to solve each problem and many problems have multiple correct answers. Open Middle Link

    10. Graph It! - Make a bar graph or picture graph using common household items (up to 4 categories). 2nd graders can use a pile of coins. Count out the amount of each coin type and create a bar graph or picture graph showing the total amount of each type of coin. Add an extra challenge by having students determine the total amount of the coins (less than $1).