Summer Math Ideas for 4th Grade

  • Fourth graders have been busy this year working on addition and subtraction, as well as multi-plication and division of larger numbers. Students continued to work with fractions and began adding and subtracting with like (or same) denominators.

    1. Sign Up for a Summer Math Challenge - The Summer Math Challenge is a free, six-week program that helps students practice math skills taught during the school year. When you join the challenge, you’ll get access to daily fun activities and resources designed for your student’s grade and ability level.

    2. It’s In the Cards - For a twist on the traditional card game War, remove the king, queen, ace, and jack (use number cards only). Share the cards among two people. Each person lays one card face up. The first one to multiply the numbers correctly wins both cards. Continue until all cards are gone. Whoever has the most cards at the end wins.

    3. Raging Rectangles - Help your child with multiplication! Raging Rectangles is a fun way for students to determine the product (or answer) to a multiplication problem. Click here for access. A great online site is Greg Tang Math for interactive games your child may play!

    4. Let’s Go Outside - Find the perimeter and/or area of things around the house (rectangular rug, bath mat, towel, blanket, tablet/laptop screen, book/magazine cover, dining room table, patio, etc.) by measuring the length and width to nearest whole inches or feet. To find perimeter, add the sides and to find the area multiply the length by width dimensions.

    5. Ice Cream, Ice Cream, We All Scream for Ice Cream - Use ice cream to make fraction sundaes. Can you make an ice cream sundae that is one-half vanilla and one-half chocolate? What about one-third chocolate, one-third vanilla, and one-third strawberry? Can you cover a scoop of ice cream with one-quarter each nuts, sprinkles, cookie crumbs, and gummy bears? Or can you eat a bite of ice cream that is one-half chocolate, one-half vanilla?

    6. Family Game Night

    • Basic Operations: Monopoly, Pay Day, Life, S’Math
    • Patterns/Geometry: Blokus, Sequence, Quirkle
    • Logic Games: Clue, Stratego, Sudoku
    • Strategy Games: Mancala, Othello, Mastermind

    7. Take a Trip to the Grocery Store

    • Estimate the total bill based on prices of what you are purchasing
    • How much does that bunch of bananas weigh? How much will it cost?
    • What is the unit price of your favorite box of cereal? What is the unit of measure-ment, and how much is the total cost of that box?

    8. In the Kitchen - The kitchen is a great place to practice math, as long as there’s an adult home to su-pervise. How many tomatoes will you need to double the recipe for sauce? If you put 10 slices of mushroom on the pizza, ask your child to put to twice as many olive slices. How many is that? If there are three people in your family and 15 strawberries to di-vide equally among them, how many strawberries will each person get?

    9. Take a Family Vacation - Before you take off on that family trip, help your parents and get in on the planning!

    • Use an atlas and add up how many miles you’ll be driving. How many miles do you need to travel per day to reach your destination?
    • What’s your car’s fuel efficiency? Add to find out the total cost to fill up the tank throughout your trip; divide to calculate the miles driven per gallon of gas;multiply to determine the cost of a fill-up based on your expected travel distance!
    • How fast did you get there? Use the car’s trip odometer to find out how many miles you’ve driven, and determine your average speed.

    10. Getting Ready to Go Back to School - Check your school website for your list of needed school supplies, how much will the items cost? Calculate how much you’ll spend to get set for the new school year.