Summer Math Ideas for 5th Grade

  • Learning in 5th grade focused on developing number sense, understanding and using numbers through mathematical operations, fractions, geometry, measurement and data, and algebraic thinking. The intention of these summer activities is to promote engaging and fun learning experiences for students and their families, while maintaining math knowledge and skills throughout the summer.


    Board Games:

    Some of the games mentioned below may be used to help children practice basic math skills in a fun way. The stronger they areinbasic concepts, the easier more complex lessons will be. Games are a great way to sneak learning in without kids even knowing.

    1. Monopoly is great for strategy, addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

    2. Battleship reinforces students' understanding of the coordinate grid system and ordered pairs.

    3. Scrabble is normally considered for language arts also calls for on children to add, multiply, and compare numbers.

    4. Design and Build a Math Game: Choose your favorite or most challenging math concept for this year. Design and build a math board game, card game, or outdoor game to reinforce this concept. Play it with your family.

    Decimals at the Grocery Store:

    5. When making a grocery list, look up prices online. Ask your child about helping you find the total if you were to buy severalofone item. For example, “If I need to buy milk, and a gallon costs $2.59, how much would it cost me to buy three gallons of milk?”Include all decimal operations, (subtracting, multiplying, and/or divid-ing). Have them divide the cost of bulk-packaged items by the number of single items to find the cost per item. “So how much are you paying per roll of paper towel or per can of soda whenyou buy in bulk?”

    Cooking with Fractions:

    6. You need to measure things whenever you follow a recipe. As you are cooking, ask your child to help you add fractional amounts for different recipes. You may be required to multiply or divide fractional amounts based on the servings needed.

    Plan a Family Road Trip:

    7. You and your family want to take a week long road trip. Give your child parameters for the trip and allow them to calculate the total cost of the trip. They need to calculate the total amount of gas, the cost for the lodging, and any sight-seeing activities involved. Provide resources (online brochures, the miles per gallon on the family car, etc..) for them to determine the total cost. This activity is a cumulative activity that includes all operations with decimals.

    Summer Challenges:

    8. Greg Tang’s Summer Math Challenge: Greg Tang’s math challenge is an online game board for students to complete over the summer. Students who complete the challenge can be entered into a prize drawing by their parents or teacher. We have had someof our very own Gwinnett County students win some of Greg Tang’s Challenges.

    9. Summer Math Challenge: a free, six-week program that helps students practice math skills taught during the school year. When you join the challenge, you’ll get access to daily fun activities and resources de-signed for your student’s grade and ability level.

    Target Number:

    10. Target 1 and Target 2: Players use number cards to create decimals/fractions to find sums. Players will use different strategies in an attempt to reach the “Target” number. Rules for scoring vary for each game. Be sure to check out Tips for Players and Families before playing each game.