4 Benefits to Learning Another Language

  • Learning another language is your child’s passport to the world! All traditional Gwinnett high schools offer at least four languages— French, German, Latin, and Spanish. Although foreign language is not offered systemwide at the elementary and middle school levels, a number of Gwinnett schools provide foreign language study for K–8 students. Learning a foreign language leads to…

    Increased academic performance… Experts say that studying a foreign language can improve reasoning and critical thinking abilities. Students gain stronger language skills in English as they learn the grammatical structure and vocabulary of another language. With advanced language instruction, language learners often benefi t with higher scores on standardized tests.

    Preparation for college… At least two years of the same foreign language are required for university admissions in Georgia. (Some colleges and universities ask for three, even four years!) What’s more, studies show that students with three or more years in a rigorous foreign language program are more likely to earn better grades in college and are less likely to drop out. Plus, high school foreign language classes prepare students for advanced instruction in college.

    Competitive edge in the marketplace… In a global marketplace, knowing another language and being able to communicate with others around the world can open doors.

    Personal satisfaction… Learning about other cultures helps students expand their personal horizons. Studying a new language and communicating with people in their own language— for travel, for business, or just for fun— can be enriching.