Cite: BCMS Student Handbook page 11

    • Cell phones and electronic devices may only be used during the school day to support specific teaching and learning processes. Cell phones may not be used for making or receiving calls, text messaging or taking pictures/videos at any time on the school grounds without teacher permission.
    • The school will not be liable for any lost or stolen cell phones or accessories. Improper use of cell phones will result in a strike. Consequences may vary depending on the severity of the actions using the phone.
    • Headphones are not permitted. Only earbuds/Bluetooth are permitted; however, neither may be worn during arrival, in the hallways, dismissal, or during announcements. All electronic devices and earbuds/Bluetooth should be put away and out of sight when transitioning.
    • Electronic devices may be used on school grounds as long as it is being used for teaching and learning purposes during school-authorized activities.
    • Students may not connect their devices to GCPS networks in an unapproved way or for activities other than those related to teaching and learning.
    • Students and parents must be aware that accessing inappropriate materials while at school is subject to local school procedures for disciplinary action, including confiscation of the device. The school will not be liable for any lost or stolen items.