K-5 Digital Learning Frequently Asked Questions

  • (Note that a student’s home school is the school that he or she would have attended as an in-person student.)


    1. Will my child’s digital teacher be a teacher from our school?
      In most cases, digital students will not have a teacher from their home school, the school that they would have attended if they were an in-person student. The number of students opting out of in-person instruction was low. No single school has enough students in any one grade level to form a class of digital students.

    2. What time does the school day start and end for digital students?
      The school day will begin at 8:35 a.m. and end at 3:05 p.m.

    3. Will lunch be provided?
      Yes. Families may pick up lunch from their child’s home school. Schools will communicate the process for picking up lunch with their digital families. Lunch will be scheduled for 11 a.m. to Noon or 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., depending on the grade level. 

    4. What if my child needs a Chromebook or hotspot?
      Families can check out a Chromebook or hotspot from their home school. Each school will communicate its process for checking out devices.

    5. Will my child see their teacher each day?
      Yes. Digital learning for K-5 students is a synchronous model in which students will log in each day and receive live instruction from their teacher.

    6. Can my child work at his or her own pace as a digital learner?
      Students will learn in a synchronous model in which they will be expected to log in each day to actively participate in instruction. Students will be given assignments by their teacher with specific due dates. Students will be expected to turn their assignments in as specified by their teacher. This model is not an asynchronous model in which students work at their own pace; however, there may be some asynchronous lessons or activities. 

    7. How do I obtain textbooks for classes?
      Textbooks and other materials will be checked out from the child’s home school. Each school will communicate its process for checking out textbooks and other materials to its digital families.

    8. Whom do I contact if I have questions about classwork?
      You should contact your child’s teacher regarding any questions that you may have about your child’s classwork, assignments, grades, etc.

    9. Whom do I contact if I have a concern about my child’s teacher?
      You should contact the administration at the teacher’s school regarding your concerns. For example, if your child’s digital teacher is located at XYZ Elementary School, you would contact the leadership team at XYZ Elementary School to discuss any concerns.

    10. Whom do I contact if I want my child to go back to our home school to be an in-person learner?
      If you decide you want your child to change from a digital learner to an in-person learner, contact your home school. School officials will work with you to create a schedule for your child and provide other pertinent information regarding transportation, teacher assignment, etc. It is important to note that once a student transitions to in-person instruction, families will not have the option to return to digital learning.

    11. Will my child be required to go physically to our home school anytime during the year?
      There will be times during the year when digital learning students will be required to go to their home school to take assessments. These dates—along with information regarding where the child should go once they arrive at school—will be communicated to families by the child’s teacher.

    12. On days when my child must go to school to take assessments, can they ride the school bus?
      Yes, digital students may use GCPS transportation to and from school on those days. If necessary, families may drive their student to school and an authorized adult may pick up the student after testing. Please note that students may stay at school all day (beyond the time scheduled for testing) and schools will accommodate as needed. Students will be issued a bus pass for their return trip home if applicable. More specific details about transportation will be provided closer to the time of the assessment.

    13. On days when my child must go to school to take assessments, will they be kept separate from students who are attending in person?
      Arrangements will vary by school. Some may be able to keep students separate, while space or staffing may make this difficult for other schools. As a result, currently, separating digital and in-person students is not a requirement nor an expectation. Rest assured that schools will follow all GCPS safety and health guidelines and policies.

    14. Will my child’s teacher for digital learning be available after school hours to assist my child if he is struggling?
      You should contact your child’s teacher to determine what afterschool options are available.

    15. Do digital learners start on August 4 or do they start when their grade level starts in-person learning?
      All students will begin instruction on the first day of school, August 4, both digital learning students and in-person students.

    16. Will digital students have the same curriculum and lessons/activities as their in-person peers?
      Digital students will follow the same AKS and pacing calendar as their in-person peers.

    17. If I have concerns about my digital student’s IEP, whom do I contact?
      If you have a concern about your child’s IEP, you can contact the Office of Special Education at 678-301-7110.

    18. Will my student receive all of the services he or she has had in the past, including gifted education, ESOL, etc.?
      Students will receive all services for which they are eligible.

    19. Will my special education student receive one-on-one support as if he or she were receiving pull-out services?
      Special education students will receive the support that is outlined in their digital learning plan.

    20. Will my student have access to specials (art, music, PE, etc.) as a digital learner? What about some of the specialized classes that are available at my child’s school such as STEM Special, etc.?
      Digital learning students will have art, music, and PE as their only Specials courses.

    21. As a digital learner, can my child participate in afterschool activities at our home school?
      Yes. You will need to contact your child’s home school for more information on activities offered at the school. Families must provide transportation to and from afterschool activities.

    22. Will my child be able to come to the school for picture day so that he or she can be included in the yearbook?
      Yes. You will need to contact your child’s home school for more information on dates and times and provide transportation for your child.

    23. Will I still receive emails and information from my child’s home school even though my child is a digital learner?

    24. Will attendance be taken for digital students?
      Yes. However, logging into an online class is not sufficient, by itself, to count as attendance. Students must be academically present in order to comply with the attendance requirement. Examples of a student being “academically present” include participating in class with camera on (showing face), interacting with the teacher, submitting an academic assignment, participating in an assignment and/or within an interactive platform (eCLASS, Google Classroom, Teams, Zoom, etc.), engaging in an online discussion, and initiating contact with the teacher to ask a question.

    25. How do I check my student out of their digital class if she has a doctor’s appointment?
      You will need to email your child’s teacher to let them know what time your child will be logging off. You also will need to provide documentation for the absence to be counted as an excused absence.

    26. If our family has a technology issue or the internet is down, how do I let my child’s teacher know? Will they be counted as absent on that day or for a portion of the day?
      You can contact the teacher’s school to get a message to your child’s teacher about your technology issues. If your child is not present in class they will be marked absent. However, your child’s teacher will work with your child to complete makeup work.

    27. Will I be expected to be available to support my student during digital learning?
      You will be expected to be available to support your student if they are unable to work on their own or need assistance logging in to their classes.

    28. How do we get technical support during the school day? Do we contact our digital teacher? Our home school? A help line?
      If you are experiencing technical difficulties during the day, you should let your student’s teacher (or the digital teacher’s school) know so that they can report the issue to their technical team.

    29. Will our family join the PTA at our home school or is there one set up for digital students?
      You should be able to join PTA at your home school through MyPaymentsPlus

    30. What will back-to-school activities/“meet your teacher day” look like for digital students?
      Parents will receive a link for the open house session from their child’s teacher during the week of July 26.

    31. Will we have parent-teacher conferences so I know how my child is doing in digital learning?
      Yes. There are two Early Release dates each semester—Oct. 20-21 and March 2-3. If you need to schedule a time to speak with your child’s teacher prior to these specific dates you should contact your child’s teacher.

    32. Do digital students get to go to the school media center to borrow books?
      Yes. Your child’s home school will communicate the process for checking out books from the media center.