GCPS invites community to share key topics for upcoming discussions

  • Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) is focused on becoming a system of world-class schools that display a number of key characteristics, including a commitment to:

    • Building a culture of continuous improvement,
    • Developing productive and engaging partnerships with families and the community, and
    • Creating an inclusive environment that acknowledges and values differences and encourages positive interactions between members of our diverse community.

    In pursuing that commitment, the district wants to hear from the GCPS community—students, families, staff, and community members—about the topics that are important to them so that district leaders can facilitate online discussions and an exchange of ideas.

    Later this year, GCPS will launch a new web engagement tool—called ThoughtExchange—that will allow district leaders to hear directly from the GCPS community. ThoughtExchange allows participants to share thoughts confidentially…ensuring that all voices are heard and that diverse views can come to light around a shared topic of concern.

    Note that ThoughtExchange is not a survey platform. Rather, this web engagement tool promotes interaction as people respond to and engage with other participants about broad questions posed by the school district. Those responses then can be gathered and analyzed and, more importantly, used as input for decision-making by the school district.

    During this fall’s Area Board Meetings, participants are encouraged  to take part in an online survey to identify the topics that are of interest to them when it comes to schools and public education.

    In the survey, participants are asked to rank a list of topics we have provided and are invited to suggest additional topics that relate to Gwinnett County Public Schools. Information gained from this survey will be used to launch GCPS’ first “exchange” using ThoughtExchange later this year.

    (*Stakeholders were able to access the survey via the QR code and as a link on the district website. The survey closed on Oct. 12, 2021.)

    “I hope you will take part in this online survey, assisting us as we prepare to launch ThoughtExchange. Your input today will help ensure our online exchanges discuss topics important to the success of our students and schools,” says Dr. Calvin J. Watts, the district’s new superintendent. “I believe this tool has great potential for creating dialogue within our community and providing our school district with important information on how we can all work together to ensure our children thrive.”