Performance Standard 2: Instructional Planning

  • The teacher consistently plans using state and local school district curricula and standards, effective strategies, resources, and data to address the differentiated needs of all students. 

    Sample Performance Indicators
    Examples may include, but are not limited to:

    The teacher:
    2.1 Analyzes and uses student learning data to inform planning.
    2.2 Develops plans that are clear, logical, sequential, and integrated across the curriculum (e.g., long-term goals, lesson plans, and syllabi).
    2.3 Plans instruction effectively for content mastery, pacing, and transitions.
    2.4 Plans for instruction to meet the needs of all students.

    2.5 Aligns and connects lesson objectives to state and local school district curricula and standards, and student learning needs.
    2.6 Develops appropriate course, unit, and daily plans, and is able to adapt plans when needed.

    Contemporary effective teacher research has found that an eff ective teacher:

    • Constructs a blueprint of how to address the curriculum during the instructional time.
    • Uses knowledge of available resources to determine what resources he or she needs to acquire or develop memory.3
    • Identifies instructional objectives and activities4 to promote students’ cognitive and developmental growth.5