Performance Standard 3: Instructional Strategies

  • The teacher consistently promotes student learning by using research-based instructional strategies relevant to the content to engage students in active learning and to facilitate the students’ acquisition of key knowledge and skills.

    Sample Performance Indicators
    Examples may include, but are not limited to:

    The teacher:
    3.1 Engages students in active learning and maintains interest.
    3.2 Builds upon students’ existing knowledge and skills.
    3.3 Reinforces learning goals consistently throughout the lesson.
    3.4 Uses a variety of research-based instructional strategies and resources.
    3.5 Effectively uses appropriate instructional technology to enhance student learning.
    3.6 Communicates and presents material clearly, and checks for understanding.
    3.7 Develops higher-order thinking through questioning and problem-solving activities.
    3.8 Engages students in authentic learning by providing real-life examples and interdisciplinary connections.

    Contemporary effective teacher research has found that an effective teacher:

    • Stays involved with the lesson at all stages.8
    • Uses a variety of instructional strategies.9
    • Uses research-based strategies to make instruction student-centered.10
    • Involves students in cooperative learning to enhance higher-order thinking skills.11
    • Uses students’ prior knowledge to facilitate student learning.12
    • Possesses strong communication skills,13 offering clear explanations and directions.14