Performance Standard 4: Differentiated Instruction

  • The teacher consistently challenges and supports each student’s learning by providing appropriate content and developing skills which address individual learning differences.

    Sample Performance Indicators
    Examples may include, but are not limited to:

    The teacher:
    4.1 Differentiates the instructional content, process, product, and learning environment to meet individual developmental needs.
    4.2 Provides remediation, enrichment, and acceleration to further student understanding of material.
    4.3 Uses flexible grouping strategies to encourage appropriate peer interaction and to accommodate learning needs/goals.
    4.4 Uses diagnostic, formative, and summative assessment data to inform instructional modifi cations for individual students.
    4.5 Develops critical and creative thinking by providing activities at the appropriate level of challenge for students.
    4.6 Demonstrates high learning expectations for all students commensurate with their developmental levels.

    Contemporary effective teacher research has found that an effective teacher:

    • Differentiates for students’ needs using remediation, skills-based instruction, and individualized instruction.15
    • Uses multiple levels of questioning aligned with students’ cognitive abilities with appropriate techniques.16