Performance Standard 5: Assessment Strategies

  • The teacher systematically and consistently chooses a variety of diagnostic, formative, and summative assessment strategies and instruments that are valid and appropriate for the content and student population.

    Sample Performance Indicators 
    Examples may include, but are not limited to:

    The teacher:
    5.1 Aligns student assessment with the established curriculum and benchmarks.
    5.2 Involves students in setting learning goals and monitoring their own progress.
    5.3 Varies and modifi es assessments to determine individual student needs and progress.
    5.4 Identifies and uses formal and informal assessments for diagnostic, formative, and summative purposes.
    5.5 Uses grading practices that report fi nal mastery in relationship to content goals and objectives.
    5.6 Uses assessment techniques that are appropriate for the developmental level of students.
    5.7 Collaborates with others to develop common assessments, when appropriate.

    Contemporary effective teacher research has found that an effective teacher:

    • Offers regular, timely, and specific feedback17 and reinforcement.18
    • Gives homework and offers feedback on the homework.19
    • Uses open-ended performance assignments.20