Performance Standard 9: Professionalism

  • The teacher consistently exhibits a commitment to professional ethics and the school’s mission, participates in professional growth opportunities to support student learning, and contributes to the profession.

    Sample Performance Indicators
    Examples may include, but are not limited to:

    The teacher:
    9.1 Carries out duties in accordance with federal and state laws, Code of Ethics, and established state and local school board policies, regulations, and practices.
    9.2 Maintains professional demeanor and behavior (e.g., appearance, punctuality and attendance).
    9.3 Respects and maintains confidentiality.
    9.4 Evaluates and identifi es areas of personal strengths and weaknesses related to professional skills and their impact on student learning and sets goals for improvement.
    9.5 Participates in ongoing professional growth activities based on identifi ed areas for improvement (e.g., mentoring, peer coaching, course work, conferences) and incorporates learning into classroom activities.
    9.6 Demonstrates fl exibility in adapting to school change.
    9.7 Engages in activities outside the classroom intended for school and student enhancement.

    Contemporary effective teacher research has found that an effective teacher:

    • Recognizes levels of involvement, ranging from networking to collaboration.30
    • Encourages linking professional growth goals to professional development opportunities.31
    • Encourages cognizance of the legal issues associated with educational records, and respects and maintains confi dentiality.32