At Paul Duke STEM High School, our mission is to ignite and foster success and creativity in all students through a challenging STEM curriculum, which connects students to their future through technology and relevant learning experiences. We do this through project-based learning, problem-based learning, integrated lessons, investigative research, and public performances. 

    We are excited to host Paul Duke STEM’s Spring Student Showcase, which will happen on April 11th,12th,18th, and 19th. This is an opportunity for our students to highlight and showcase their work and present their work to a public audience. All students at Paul Duke STEM will present one of their favorite STEM lessons in each of their seven classes.

    We are cordially inviting parents, community members, and industry professionals to come and participate! You will be able to choose which classes you want to experience based on the schedule below. During that time, we ask you to give presenters honest feedback on the content and presentation style. You can give that feedback in the moment, and we'll also have a tool you can fill out and give back to us.

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Presentation Schedule