Health and Physical Education

  • Health

    This course is a graduation requirement designed to offer a practical approach to health topics that concern adolescents. The course covers knowledge and skills necessary for personal health and well-being and the prevention and treatment of injury. Additional information covered includes disease prevention, relationships, consumer health, the life cycle, CPR/AED instruction, and preventing the abuse of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.

  • P.E.

    This course is a graduation requirement and a prerequisite to all elective physical education courses. The course provides students with the basic knowledge and understanding that physical fitness, exercise, and nutrition are essential in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Students will learn the skills necessary to assess, plan, and implement a personal wellness program with fitness tracking apps or devices.

  • Body Sculpting (females only)

    This course provides methods to redefine body shape through specific exercises. Based on the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines for fitness and conditioning programs, this course covers weight training, conditioning exercises, and proper nutrition to improve muscle tone, muscle definition, posture, bodily proportions, and overall condition of the body and energy levels.

  • Aerobic Dance (female only)

    This course is designed to motivate and teach females about aerobic and anaerobic movement as a method of achieving personal health and fitness. Students will maintain and improve cardiorespiratory fitness through a use of continuous rhythmic dance movements and strength building exercises. The class will also demonstrate the significance and importance of personal safety while training and exercising.

  • Weight Training (male only)

    This course introduces weight training with an emphasis on strength development and proper lifting techniques. Fitness concepts for developing healthy lifetime habits based on the American College of Sport Medicine Guidelines for fitness and conditioning will also be discussed throughout the course

  • Team Sports (male only)

    This course is designed for students interested in learning skills and strategies of team sports. The course includes skill instruction and implementation of those skills into a competitive game. Sports may include, but are not limited to: flag football, volleyball, pickleball, basketball, soccer, and ultimate frisbee. A variety of fitness activities and testing will also be incorporated in this course.