Specialized Ecectives

  • Specialized Electives

  • Gifted Internship

    Application Required

    The Quest internship program is offered to gifted qualified juniors and seniors during 7th period only and is unpaid. You must be able to provide your own transportation and commit to the internship multiple days a week. If interested contact Mr. Head in the Freshmen Academy room B-311 to receive an application and learn more about the interview process.

  • Peer Leaders

    Application Required

    If you love serving and mentoring others, then Peer Leadership may be for you!

    Applications for the 2022-23 school year are available now.

    Please click here for application

    • Peer Leadership is a HOPE-eligible elective that gives students the chance to serve your school and community.

    • Peer Leadership gives you the opportunity to learn about yourself as a leader and develop your own leadership skills.

    • In addition to developing your own leadership skills, peer leadership will give you the opportunity to apply those skills. Examples of Peer Leadership activities include creating school wide helping campaigns, welcoming new students to Mountain View, mentoring younger students at our cluster schools and leading community service projects in the community.

    • Students have to be a current 10th or 11th grade student to apply and in good academic standing.

    Contact Ms. Mason at lucy.mason@gcpsk12.org with any questions.

  • Peer Facilitation

    (Office Aide)

    Students will work in one of the Offices at Mountain View High School to Assist with clerical duties.

    *Admin will review and approve for placement

  • Leadership

    Application Required

    We want YOU to grow as a LEADER!

    This course you will acquire and use the basic knowledge of leadership and peer helping, learn how to run meetings, practice efficient public speaking, review resume and interview skills, be involved in the promotion and running of school events, and work on school and community relations. The time in class will be split between classroom instruction, guest speakers, and workshop/event planning.

    If you plan to sign-up for this course, please complete the Form linked below.

    Leadership Application